CMZGD007 -Multi-functions Imitation Marble Floor coating

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1 Ton/Tons (Min. Order)
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Place of Origin:
Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Main Raw Material:
Appliance Paint, Building Coating, Road Marking Paint
Application Method:
Liquid Coating
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glass transparent effect
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Supply Ability:
5 Ton/Tons per Day
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Packag Size:H36.3cm* W27.5cm
Qty: 1*20GP-1255pcs
Zhongshan/ Guangshan


Floor Coating Series
CMZGD007 Multi-functions Imitation Marble Floor coating
Multi-functions Imitation Marble Floor coating Features
 Excellent resistance for water, chemical, oil
Excellent abrasion resistance
Easy for maintenance and low cost
Strong adhesion, good flexibility
Strong adhensive force
widly used in floor coating of electronics factory, machinery factory, hardware factory, parking lot, etc.
This product stored at above 0 °C, well ventilation, shady and cool place
Tool cleaning
Clean tools with clean water after immediate utilization.


Application InstructionsMulti-functions Imitation Marble Floor coating

Application Process Draft (6mm)


Requirements of Surface

1. Compressive strength: minimum 5 N /mm2;

2. Tensile strength: minimum 1.5 N/mm2;  

3. Surface flatness : ≤2mm;

4. Surface moisture content:  < 6% should be coated effectively;

5.Construction conditions : The construction conditions should not be in moisture season with cold weather -temperature is 5-30°C, surface temperature is 8-25°C and humidity is ≤75%


Application Steps

1. Surface Preparation

Surface should be polished, repaired, dust collected according to the site basic ground condition; Correct substrate preparation is critical for optimum performance. Surface should be sound, clean, dry and free from loose particles, oil, grease, and other contaminants.


2. Sealer Primer Coating

1). Mix: Pouring hardener B component into A component vessel, low speed mix and stir in 2 min with spiral electric mixer; The main purpose of this primer is to seal the substrate completely and avoid air-bubbles in the body coat.  Do not ingredients operations in the construction area, or stir the paint split the ratio package by hand;


2). Rolling primer: After fully stir, roll the mixed paint immediately with roller, make the layer even; According to the site condition of substrate, a second coat may be required. Wait for 12 hours to recoat; The consumption of paint is 0.5-1kg/m2


3. Middle coating construction (Abrasion Resistance)

1). Mix: Pourging the binder into the blender mixer, low speed fully mix and stir with spiral electric mixer; Do not ingredients operations in the construction area, or stir the paint split the ratio package by hand;


2). Paving paint: After fully stir, trowel the mixed paint immediately with roller and trowel, the thickness is 8mm, make the layer even by 2m screed ruler; The consumption of paint is 18-22kg/m2, 13.5-16.5kg/m2 for aggregate, 4.5-5.5kg/m2 for binder;


4&5. Grind & Repair

After the intermediate paint dried, use 150-1000 abrasive disc to grind until the gravel even; Waiting for complete dryness, the repairing may be required with Poly-281 sealer material; The consumption is 0.5-1kg/m2;


6. Topcoat application

After grinding and repairing, make sure  the paint film is complete dry, the topcoat U-386 is required, firstly scrape with anvil blade, and then roll with roller until without scratching; The consumption is 0.02-0.04kg/m2;


7. Polish & wax

After the topcoat is completely dry, polish & wax with special wax polishing machine;  The consumption is 0. 02-0. 04kg/m2;  maintain 2-3 days after construction, can be used when floor is solid absolutely.



1). The mixing paint should be used within 8 hours;

2). maintain 1 week after lineation, can be used when floor is solid absolutely.

3). Film protection: keep away from stepping on, rain, exposing to sunlight and scratching until the film is fully dried and solidified.


Clean up  

Clean tools and equipments first with paper towels, then clean the tools with solvent before the paint hardens .


Health and safety information

It contains certain chemicals which can cause skin irritation. Wear gloves, masks while handling the product, washing thoroughly after handling. Should skin contact occur, wash immediately with soap and water. During application and curing in closed rooms, adequate fresh air ventilation must be provided. Keep away from open flames including welding. In case of accidental eye contact, wash with a large quantity of water and immediately seek medical advice. For detailed health, safety, environment recommendations, please consult and follow the instruction on the product material safety data sheet.



The information given in this sheet is not intended to be exhaustive. Any person using the product without first making further written enquiries as to the suitability for the intended purpose does so at his own risk and we can accept no liability of the product for any loss or damage arising out of such use. Product data are subject to change without notice and become void five years from the date of issue.     



The above information is given to the best of our knowledge based on laboratory tests and practical experience. However, since we cannot anticipate or control many conditions under which our products may be used, we can only guarantee the quality of the product itself. We reserve the right to alter the given information without prior notice.   


Remarks: Practical thickness & coverage of the paints can be little different from the theoretical thickness mentioned above due to many elements like environment,application methods,etc.